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Numerical Innovations - Matrix File

Learn more about Matrix Files The Numerical Innovations Matrix File allows people to easily automate and prepare their electronic designs for PCB/IC manufacturing. The matrix file is very customizable and you can make it do just about any Gerber/CAM related task including: DFM Checks, Panelization, Editing, Exporting, and much more. A matrix file is just a text file, with structured arrays. Here's a sample Matrix file >

All Matrix Files must end with *.fm6
Matrix files are read and processed in sequence from Top-to-Bottom. Thus Layers must be defined before Jobs, Jobs must be defined before Panel, etc.
Matrix files are compatible with FAB 3000, ACE Translator 3000, and Cloud DFM.
Matrix Files can now be Inserted into other matrix files.
When Exporting files, RELATIVE paths are always preferred and much safer.

Sample Matrix Files:

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